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Catching Alaska Sockeye!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Alaska Sockeye Salmon - from Catching it to Serving it!



2015 Season is underway!

Posted on July 9, 2015 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (24)

Hello All,

Hope you have made it out this year in Alaska to chase some Sockeye Salmon!  We had a good first run of Sockeye in the Russian River this year with the season opening on June 11th and the sanctuary opening shortly after with an increase in the limit to 6 fish!  The crowds were also in full force but there was plenty of fish around.  This year you had to also battle with all the smoke that has been around as wildfires burn out of control around the state!  Bears and mosquitos have not been to bad this year!  

There was also a good run of fish in the copper and Klutina rivers this year.  The Kasilof is also seeing a good run of fish and limits have been raised to 6 fish there as well.  I was able to get some sockeye out of the Kasilof this year and quite enjoyed fishing without the crowds that you see on the Russian and Kenai!

The second run has started and the numbers are increasing everyday now coming into the lower river.  The trout and dolly fishing should pick up as well with more fish coming into the river now!  

Good luck out there and keep those lines tight!


Posted on June 23, 2013 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

June 24th, 2013

The mosquitos are out in force!  This is one of the worst mosquito summers on record in SouthCentral Alaska and it is making the fishing not so much fun :-( 

Trying to fish on any river right now is tough because of the constant swatting you have to do to keep the mosquitos from eating you alive.  Bug nets and lots of dope are in order this year on the river!  Watch out for the mosquito dope though as deet will ruin the waterproofing on your jacket and eat through your fishing line.  If you rub repellent on your body and still have it on your hands while you fish it will weaken your line.  Just a tip!!

Keep fishing, and swatting!

First Run Kenai / Russian River Sockeye

Posted on June 23, 2013 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (358)

June 20th, 2013

The first run of Sockeye are in the river and being caught!  Numbers are looking healthy for the first run and the fish are in good shape and strong.  I was down on the Kenai River last week fishing below the sanctuary and most people were getting some fish!  They were coming in spurts as they usually do but with some time and effort, limits were being caught.  

The sanctuary, which is not open to fishing untill the middle of next month was full of fish!  Once by all the fishermen and the current in the corner of the river that leads up to the sanctuary and the start of the Russian River, the salmon slowed down and schooled up!  With polorazied glasses you could see thousands of salmon in the water!  

Some people were fishing in the Russian upstream from the Sanctuary markers and I saw a few sockeye on the stringers up there.  Cottonwood hole seemed to be the most popular place to fish on the actual Russian River.  

The rivers are high right now with the excellent weather that Alaska is seeing with nice high temps into the 70's melting all the late spring snow fall in the hills and mountains!  The Russian was still crossable in chest waders but you would get wet with just hip waders for sure.  

Not to many bears around yet.  I talked to a couple people that had seen some, but I didn't run across any hiking around or fishing.  

Second run should be on it's way soon!

Tight Lines!